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Pests Affecting Native Plant Seed Production
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Lupine Seed Production Pests

Many species of Lupine are grown in seed production fields and plots. Seed production can be affected by a variety of insects which attack the seeds directly. There are also foliage feeders. Little is known about some of the lupine pests.

The lima bean pod borer, Etiella zinckenella is becoming a pest of seed production in Delta Co. CO. An unknown seed fly has been found in field collections in western CO. It has the potential to take significant amounts of seed from production fields. Larvae of a lycaenid butterfly, the Lupine Blue feed on foliage and pods in native stands and production fields although damage has been minimal so far.

Links to information on specific pests can be found within in the brief descriptions below.

Lupine Pod damageLarvae of the Lima bean pod borer feed on seed within developing pods. Infested pods are destroyed. Caterpillars are pale green and wriggle actively when disturbed.

LarvaeLupine seed flies also feed directly on seed within infested pods. These larvae are maggots, white and without true legs or a head capsule. These have been found in seed collections in western CO, but have not yet been found in seed production fields. They have the potential to become a pest of seed production.

This page was updated on April 26, 2014